Why S&K Services?

A Clean Operation Is an Efficient Operation

In today’s business atmosphere, competition is fierce and organizations are constantly looking for ways to cut costs while boosting productivity. With decades of experience in the janitorial industry, S&K Services knows how to help you drive a successful operation to achieve your business goals.

S&K Services is an industry leader, providing commercial janitorial services and production support to the industrial, corporate, and government markets. With offices located in Durham, Greensboro, and Madison, our team is equipped to be where you need us, when you need us.

We are here to help you control costs so you can maximize profit.

If this seems too good to be true, just ask our customers. We pride ourselves on having the highest client retention rate in the industry.

Safety. Safety. Safety.

Did we say safety?

In our opinion, you can’t say that word enough. We train our employees to protect your employees and assets. S&K Services personnel pay attention to, and correct, situations that may have catastrophic outcomes, like injury, loss of life, or redirection of organizational assets.

Safety is our number one concern because it’s your number one concern.

S&K Services has established a comprehensive safety program. We continue to improve on our safety program by teaming with our clients for customer-specific training programs, hazard assessments, and periodic site-safety inspections.

Our main objective is to help you reduce liability and risk, so you can achieve your business goals.


Your custodial team has the power to protect and maintain functionality of your assets through professional cleaning and custom maintenance. A well-trained staff is critical to your organization’s success, and proper training enables them to fulfill important responsibilities.

Our well-trained custodial team can make a tremendous contribution to your organizational success.

That’s why S&K Services invests in an extensive training program to educate all employees on performance and job expectations. We use various training techniques (such as hands-on training, classroom education, video, and digital photo training) to prepare our employees for your unique janitorial needs.

When you engage S&K Services to maintain your facility, our transition start-up team will become involved at least 30 days prior to start. Together, we’ll set goals and hold planning and execution meetings to ensure a successful transition.